Hey handsome. Let me introduce myself. I’m Martha, the woman you’ve been waiting to meet. I’m in my 50’s, married, have 3 grown kids, and have been doing phonesex for about 6 years. I’ve been called a cougar and a MILF, but in all honesty, I’m also a cock-craving housewife.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chatroom Girls!

Mazey told me that she blogged me earlier. What a pleasant surprise. I immediately went to see what she wrote and it got me very excited and wet. My caller wants to thank Mazey! She had me so excited I gave him his money's worth for sure! lol. I will say to you guys that we girls in the chatroom have a great time together. We chat, laugh and giggle while waiting on our calls. I came across this cartoon earlier today and it made me think of our little chatroom group of girls!
Men and boys, we are heating up the chatroom, so you will have a hotter time than ever. Ask any of the girls about the specials we are offering. We want you to cum happy! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

I love summer. This is what I do most of the day. I get up, fix breakfast, get hubby off to work, clean up kitchen, straighten house and then head outside to the pool. I have my computer, telephone and pitcher of cold sweet tea on my patio table. I take calls on my lounge chair or on my float. I have a privacy fence so my neighbors can only see what I am doing if they get a ladder and climb up over my 7" fence. However, I had a call from one of my barely teen boys the other day and it turned him on to know I was lying in my pool naked. Our fantasy focused on the pool, the float and then finally underwater. Thank goodness I keep my chlorine levels up in my pool for all the cum my sweet boy shot! This is truly the "lazy days of summer"!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Fool's

Sex at my house has been few and far between. I do enjoy telling my hubby about my phone calls and how much sex I got during the day talking to my callers. I make him listen with his hands behind his back. He is not allowed to touch himself. I like knowing he is aroused hearing about the fun I had. I told him that he could have sex with me on Monday a week ago. He came home from work a little early. I had fixed a nice dinner and treated him with his favorite dessert. He took a shower and came into the bedroom, wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "I'm all yours". I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear, "april fool's"!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reality TV

I think I'm showing my age. I've become a reality tv potato! I even have a schedule. I watched Dancing With The Stars on Monday night, along with the new Dallas. Last night I watched Hell's Kitchen. I love Chef Ramsay. Then I turned it to Dance Moms. The jury is still out on this one as I don't care for all the arguing and screaming. I can get that from my kids. I don't want to watch it for entertainment. Tonight American Idol comes on. I used to watch it religiously but haven't in a couple of years. I may peek in and seek how it's going. The one show I know I will be watching is The Client List. That one cracks me up and is giving me ideas. I told Mazey, Piper, Ana and Kennedy that they should watch it too. It might give them a few ideas too! LOL, it will give us something to talk about in the chatroom.  We will make our own reality show! The reality is when you do a call with us, you get the best whores on the net! We will fulfill your every fantasy! Tune in to us! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chasity Phone Sex

Shouting out to one of my fun callers. He likes chasity phonesex. He likes to get all tied up. There's no better way to have chasity phonesex than to have your hands tied behind your back!  LOL,  I like him tied up. Then he can't touch, jerk or play! He's at my mercy. I tell him when to touch, jerk or play! Chasity means NO.  LOL, and I learned a long time ago to "just say NO"!  LOL!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lucky Larry

 I was on the phone and didn't realize that my neighbor Larry was at my door.  I was alone in the house so I laid down on my couch and answered calls from there. I keep my toys on my coffee table and when things get heated, I sometimes put my legs on the table so I can sit up and see what I am doing. It's fun to watch that dildo go in and out of me. I had a hotter than hot call that day and when I opened my eyes, I saw Larry standing at my sliding glass door. He saw me in the throws of a phone call.  LOL, Lucky Larry!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

"HO"liday Time!

Can you believe the holidays are here! Whew! As you know, I have had more fun over the last 5 months than ever before....thanks to all you hot men! And the good thing about it is that now is the season to give. LOL, I am looking forward to giving you some more! It is also the season to give thanks and I sure want to thank you all for all the fun you have given me!

"Hungry", I want to thank you for the marathon call and to rub it in that I told you I had NO taboos! lol.

"Animallust", I did google pigs and you are right. Pigs do have a cock like a corkscrew! lol.

"Peepeeman", it is true that great things come in small packages! lol

Tis the season and I will be getting my "HO" on! lol